I help you find your balance of life and weight.

My own journey

I know what I'm talking about when it comes to weight loss and dieting, the emotions of guilt after eating, and the feeling of failure. As a teenager, most of my diary entries began with "I must lose weight!". I wasn't even fat, yet I believed that my life could only really get going if I was slimmer. I would be highly popular and irresistible, people would take me seriously and respect me. Slim = successful across the board. My self-esteem depended entirely on the number of pounds shown on my bathroom scales.


Accordingly, I have tried numerous diets myself over the course of my life. Atkins, the Beverley Hills Diet, South Beach Diet, Glyx… you name it. To start with, they often worked, too, and I shed the pounds. But just a short time later, I would develop a craving for everything I wasn't allowed to eat. Pretty soon the longing was stronger than my willpower. I abandoned all my good intentions, started comfort eating, despised myself for my lack of discipline, and began to feel inadequate because - once again - I had failed. Despite all this, after a while I would still try out the next diet craze in the hope of a great, fulfilling life with a few pounds less. But instead, I always ended up with a few pounds more!

At some point, I finally got it: Life can start NOW, no matter what my weight is.


My goal was no longer to lose three (or five, or ten) pounds, but to break the vicious circle of dieting, frustration, and self-loathing. I learned to accept myself (and my weight) and, all of a sudden, it became worthwhile to take care of myself. Now I wanted to do something good for me and my body with a healthy diet and regular exercise. It became much easier to eat sensibly and control my weight.


Today, I have a huge collection of cookbooks, love eating, and still manage to maintain my weight. I wanted to share this path with other people and help them achieve this balance, too. By opening my practice in Berlin, I found the ideal opportunity to combine my passion for good food and the desire to help as a therapist. I would like you to find joy in eating delicious food again and show you that a healthier diet doesn’t have to be torture.


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My training

- Heilpraktikerin Psychotherapie (Alternative practitioner in psychotherapy)

- Hypnotherapy - HypnoPlus® Akademie

- auflösende Hypnose nach Floris Weber, Hypnoseseminar - Institut, Hamburg

- Lizenz Ernährungsberatung - AKADEMIE für SPORT und GESUNDHEIT

- ACT - Akzeptanz- und Commitment Therapie - various seminars throughout the world

- PEP® - Prozess- und Embodiment-fokussierte Psychologie - „Fortbildung PEP® (nach Dr. Bohne)“


Gleichgewicht -

Praxis für Hypnose & Ernährung


Julia Ware

Heilpraktikerin (Psychotherapie)


Marienburger Str. 30

10405 Berlin


Tel: (030) 470 517 81