Imagine a life without worries about food,

the appearance of your body and your weight.

Imagine what this freedom would feel like.


Hi, I am Julia. 


Intuitive eating trainer, certified practitioner of psychotherapy, food lover and dog mom. 


I help you to overcome emotional eating, and to finally make peace with food and your own body. I support you in finding a new way of living that fits your needs and circumstances by showing you how you can eat intuitively and with pleasure and how you  can - if you want to - lose weight without dieting and/or a vigorous exercise program.


If you want to know more about my own journey towards a healthy relationship with food, click here.

"Why can I just not lose this stupid extra weight? I am hopeless, I don't have enough discipline, I am weak!"


"Why me?... This is so not fair. If I was skinnier, my life would be perfect!"


"I know everything there is about diets and what I should eat and what not, but somehow I just can't stick with it! There must be something wrong with me."


"I am too fat... I am ugly... I am  disgusting"


"Food tastes just so good, I simply love to eat. What can I say... I love food and food loves me."

If these thoughts are familiar to you, then you came to the right place.

The Gleichgewicht concept

The Gleichgewicht treatment is a modern and effective combination of nutritional coaching and psychological methods, that are proven to work with disordered eating.

Our body weight is a result of what we eat, but the reasons for weight problems are manifold.

Together we will track it down.


In my treatment program I will show you how you can:

Gain control over your eating habits and your diet
 While you Eat what you want and what you like
 Recognize emotional eating and the underlying emotions
 learn to react to these emotions differently than with food
 Achieve more self-confidence in yourself and your body
 Get a better body awareness
 honor and even improve your health
 Bring more ease and freedom into your eating habits and thus into your entire life

Finding and resolving underlying causes for emotional eating with psychological tools and nutritional coaching

Many people struggle with their weight and need help. In my practice for nutrition and hypnotherapy in Berlin I can provide you with this support. I assist you on your path to finding joy in food again and healing your body and mind - without diets and without counting calories. 


Stop letting constant thoughts of being overweight or having to lose weight rule your life, and learn how to make peace with food again.


You’ll develop a new healthy relationship with your body, so you can focus on more important things in life than weight loss and body shape.


In our coaching sessions I will help you break free of unwanted eating habits and regain control of your food choices. 

emotionales Essen stoppen

Take the step from emotional to intuitive eating

We often put on weight because we eat to cope with our emotions and not because we are hungry. Constantly reaching for snacks out of worry, frustration, or stress makes it near to impossible to lose weight and stay that way.


The change from emotional to intuitive eating is a learning process that requires commitment and your active participation, but you don't have to face this challenge alone.

I am here to support you on your journey.


I know from personal experience what you are going through and can help you stay motivated!

 Through the combination of the principles of intuitive eating, ACT - the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, PEP - a new and extended tapping technique and, if you work with me in my private practice in Berlin, with analytical hypnotherapy -

all of them scientifically proven methods for the treatment of emotional and disordered eating – changes are possible in only a short time.


These methods have also proven effective in preventing and treating eating disorders such as obesity, binge-eating and bulimia.

Eat what you like with pleasure

If you decide to reshape your life with me, you can say goodbye to food cravings and the dieting roller coaster.

95% of traditional restrictive diets fail because - among other aspects - no one really wants to eat and live that way for the rest of their life.


Therefore, what you eat should be enjoyable and satisfying. Otherwise, cravings, binge eating, and yo-yo dieting soon follow. You can only lose weight and stay that way if you change your eating habits over the long term. 

Are you ready to create the life you want starting today?

I'm there to help you to stop dieting and start living.

This is how we work together:

⇒ We will work 3 months together


We’ll work together for at least 10 weeks. I've  tried and tested quite a bit with regard to treatment duration. In my experience, this is the minimum time required to truly begin to create lasting change. The truth is that we have spend years in the forming our mindset and our eating habits, and it is just not an overnight fix. 3 months will give us the time to go deeper and create lasting change.


⇒ Weekly Sessions


We’ll talk weekly. The sessions can actually happen online or either in my office in Berlin or Potsdam . We'll take a closer look at your eating habits, talk about your past and your current circumstances. We’ll dive into your struggles and what’s coming up for you in your own life. Each session, I’ll guide you towards shifting out of old patterns and help you create new healthy habits that suit you and your well-being. You'll learn new skills to deal with difficult emotions that you can use at any time for any situation that might be coming up in your life. 


⇒ Teaching material 


Your own step-by-step guide. After each session you will get teaching material, so you can go over, what we covered that week plus some worksheets. This enables you to have a step-by-step guide to look back on when we finish our time together. 

I will give you different tasks and experiments for you to try out in between sessions. These tasks help you to put what you've learned into practice. This is how behaviors and patterns really start to change, if you try them out and integrating the ones that work for you into your daily life.


BONUS: An exclusive and individual self-esteem training (Duration approx. 3 hours, Value €350)


"Either you have good self-esteem or you don't."

A lot of people think that way. But in fact, self-esteem is like a muscle that we can train.

Low self-esteem is often a trigger and / or a consequence of disordered eating behavior. Of course, we also deal with it during the 3 months program. But this training is very special: in 2.5 hours, we will specifically find out your very personal "self-esteem robbers" and replace them with strong "self-esteem givers". Sounds weird? You're absolutely right, but it actually works great :-). Try it!



Book your free information call with me today and find your inner balance and a healthy weight with the GLEICHGEWICHT treatment concept.


No matter what eating or weight problem you are struggling with,

it is never too soon or too late to seek help:

The right time is now!


You deserve to live a healthy and happy life!

Booking your free discovery call with me is your first step towards this goal.  


Do you want to get to know your coach and therapist a little better?

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